Conference Program


  • The Second Nanjing International Immunology Forum
  • (Sept. 7-9, 2018, Nanjing, China)
  • Organizers: Lingyun Sun & Wanjun Chen
  • Sept. 7, 2018
  •   8:00am-11:30pm
  •   Registration (Zixi Building Lobby)
  •   2:00pm-4:30pm
  •   Bussniss Meeting of Organizing Committee (Chairs and organizing committee memebers only )
  • Sept. 8, 2018
  •   Conference Place
  •   Ziguang Hall, Zihui building
  •   8:00am-8:30am
  •   Opening ceremony and welcome remarks, and group photo
      Chair: Wanjun Chen
      Guangshu Han, President of Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital
      Lingyun Sun, Co-Organizer and Vice President of Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital
  • Keynote Address
  •   Chair: Wanjun Chen, Intruduction of Keynote Speaker
  •   8:30am- 9:20am
  •   Philippa Marrack, National Jewish Health , USA
      Title: The specificities and function of T and B cells.
  • Session I
  •   Innate immune cells and T cells: basic mechanisms and function
      Chair: Liwei Lu
  •   9:20am-9:55am
  •   Hongbing Shu, Wuhan University, China
      Title: Cytoplasmic mechanisms of recognition and defense of viral nucleic acids
  •   9:55am-10:30am
  •   Hongyan Wang, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
      Title: T cell migration and macrophage-induced inflammation
  •   10:30am-10:50am
  •   Coffee/Tea Break
  •   10:50am-11:25am
  •   Wanjun Chen, NIH, USA
      Title: The third signal for T cell activation: implications for understading autoimmunity,
      tumor immunity and infectious diseases.
  •   11:25pm-12:00pm
  •   Linrong Lu, Zhejiang University, China
      Title: Thymic specific TCR signaling mediated by Tespa1
  •   12:00pm-2:00pm
  •   Lunch Break
  • Session II
  •   Regulation of B cells, immune responses, autoimmunity and cancer
      Chairs: Xiang Gao, Qiang Xu
  •   2:00pm-2:35pm
  •   Huji Xu, Tsinghua University, China
      Title : TBD
  •   2:35pm-3:10pm
  •   Wanli Liu, Tsinghua University, China
      Title: The mechanism and application of aberrant B cell activation in autoimmune diseases
  •   3:10pm-3:30pm
  •   Coffee/Tea Break
  •   3:30pm-4:05pm
  •   Changchun Xiao, Xiamen University, China
      Title: MicroRNA control in the immune system
  •   4:05pm-4:40pm
  •   Jiyan Zhang, Acandemy of Millitary Medical Sciences, China
      Title: RACK1 in liver tumor
  •   4:40pm-5:15pm
  •   Chenyu Zhang, Nanjing University, China
      Title: Tumor-secreted miR-214 induces regulatory T cells:a major link between immuneevasion
      and tumor growth
  •   5:15pm-5:50pm
  •   Xiaoming Zhang, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
      Title: Dysregulated B cellcompartment in SLE
  • Sept. 9, 2018
  • Session III
  •   Innate immune cells, Tregs in immunity and inflammation
    Chairs: Chaojun Li, Junfeng Zhang
  •   8:00am-8:35am
  •   Esteban Ballestar, IDIBELL, Spain
      Title: Translating extracellular signals into targeted epigenetic changes in myeloid cells:
      implications in inflammatory disease
  •   8:35am-9:10am
  •   Chengjiang Gao, Shandong University, China
      Title: Regulation mechanism of signal transduction in innate immunity
  •   9:10am-9:45am
  •   Hongbo Hu, Sichuan University, China
      Title: Function of ubiquitination in immunity
  •   9:45am-10:00am
  •   Coffee/Tea Break
  •   10:00am-10:35am
  •   Mikael Benson, Linkoping University, Sweden
      Title: Single cell analyses to tailor treatments in autoimmune diseases
  •   10:35am-11:10am
  •   Zhenhong Guo, The Second Military Medical University, China
      Title: Functional regulation of dendritic cells
  •   11:10am-11:45am
  •   Bin Li, Shanghai Jiaotong University, China
      Title: Molecular mechanism underlying tissue FOXP3+ Treg plasticity and function
  •   11:45am-12:20pm
  •   Ling Lu, Nanjing Medical University, China
      Title: TRAF6 directs Foxp3 localization and facilitates Regulatory T cell function through
      K63-type ubiquitination
  •   12:20pm-1:30pm
  •   Lunch Break
  • Session IV
  •   Human immunology: basic mechanisms and clinical applications
    Chairs: Yayi Hou
  •   1:30pm-2:05pm
  •   Lingyun Sun, Nanjing University, China
      Title: Mesenchymal stem cell treatment in autoimmune diseases: 20-year experience
  •   2:05pm-2:40pm
  •   Xuan Zhang, Peking Union Medical College Hospital, China
      Title: Integration of microbiome and epigenome to decipher the pathogenesis of
      autoimmune diseases.
  •   2:40pm-3:15 pm
  •   Yan Li, Nanjing University, China
      Title: Development of humanized mouse models for translational medicine
  •   3:15pm-3:30pm
  •   Coffee/Tea Break
  •   3:30pm-4:05pm
  •   Xinhua Feng, Zhejiang University, China
      Title: Mechanism of interactive TGF-β signaling in cancer
  •   4:05pm-4:40pm
  •   Shuai Chen, Nanjing University, China
      Title: Targeting oxidative stress for treatment of inflammatory bowel disease
  •   4:40pm-5:30pm
  •   Keynote Address: Richard Flavell, Yale University, USA
      Tltle: (TBD)
  •   5:30pm-5:45pm
  •   Meeting Wrap-up and Closing Remarks: Lingyun Sun & Wanjun Chen
  • Sept. 10, 2018, Departure
  •   9:00am-11:00am
  •   Executive meeting (organizing committee only)