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Nanjing Dongjiao State Guesthouse

Hotel IntroductionSituated to the south of Purple Mountain in the Zijin Mountain Scenic Area, Nanjing Dongjiao State Guesthouse covers an area of over 300,000 square meters. It consists of serene and graceful gardens and courtyards which are enlivened by songs of birds and fragrance of flowers all the year round. The lush and luxuriantly green vegetation forms an enchanting scenery and makes a natural air anion bar. Hotel IntroductionThe Guesthouse was constructed in 1957 mainly for receiving the Party and state leaders and heads of foreign states at the very beginning. Guests and conference delegations from China and abroad have also been frequenters of the Guesthouse. It enjoys a world-wide reputation for the incomparable environment, sound facilities, and state-level services, delivering differentiated and imperatorial experience to its guests.


ConferencesThe Ziguang Hall and Zixia Hall (nearly 800 square meters each) in the magnificent conference building, the elegant Peace Hall (638 square meters), and the upscale reception hall Zhongshan Hall (720 square meters) are appropriate to accommodate various high-range conferences, VIP receptions, Conferencesand large-scale banquets. In addition, there are 19 small and medium-sized meeting rooms of varied styles, meeting your various business conference requirements and making every conference participant easy and considerately served.

Guest rooms

Guest roomsThere are Chinese and western villas of different styles, including 322 standard rooms and suites and 21 home-like apartments. The cozy and comfortable rooms are decorated in gentle colors,Guest rooms with broadband and wireless network access, are your best choice for conferences, leisure, and business accommodation. Leaning upon the parapet, you will be completely relaxed and pleasant with the charming scenery of Zhongshan Mountain.


DiningThe Guesthouse has more than 20 restaurants of different styles which can accommodate nearly 1,200 guests at the same time. Various Chinese and western food is available here,Dining pleasing you with both elegance and specialty delicacy. Among the wide varieties, Huaiyang cuisines and state banquet dishes are the most popular, impressing guests with lingering aftertaste.


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